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Zeminar RDS, Ballsbridge
November 13th-15th November
Free Talk

Positive Psychology:
You have the power to change your brain

Michaela will speak about our ability to change our brains through the use of applied positive psychology skills which are easily practiced habits that change our thoughts and mood increasing our personal well-being.

Michaela Avlund has recently launcher her Wellbeing and Happiness Skills video series for Secondary Schools. based on her book "Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology". She has a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from UEL She has been giving talks and workshops in the RDS for a number of years, she runs courses and Positive Psychology (PP) holidays in various meditation centres in Ireland.

Her greatest wish is to see PP implemented in the Irish educational system as she believes Positive Psychology is a great tool in preventing depression and anxiety disorders and enhancing relationships in the school. Her research on self-compassion revealed that religion or spirituality does not lead to well-being unless a person also develops self-compassion. Michaela is Danish but has lived in Ireland for a number of years.

She is currently presenting and producing a series of videos on Happiness Skills.

Happiness and Well-Being Skills based on Positive Psychology

Michaela Avlund, a Positive Psychologist shares some of the many happiness tools which are so vital to surviving and even flourishing within a stressful and competitive society. By increasing our positive connections with ourselves and people around us, and by interpreting our experiences in the light of learning and self-encouragement we change our brain structure to produce the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine. These are natural brain chemicals which calm our defence system and boost our immune system thus creating optimum physical and mental health.

We have to live with ourselves and our own attitudes and thoughts so why not make them the most encouraging and supportive we possibly can? Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what we human beings do when we are well and happy. Many scientists now believe that within the next 20 years nourishing our minds positively will be seen as a daily necessity similar to nourishing our bodies and taking exercise. Michaela Avlund gives workshops and classes in Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology. She runs two well-being websites: www.gratitude.ie and www.happinessskills.ie

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