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RECOMMENDED POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY BOOKS (from positive psychology course)

Short and to the point:
Boniwell, I. (2008) Positive Psychology in a Nutshell, London: Personal Well-Being Centre

Studies of Happiness across cultures
Diener & Biswas-Diener (2008) Happiness, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing

Gratitude and Spirituality
Emmons, R.A. & McCullough, M.E.(Eds.) (2004) The psychology of gratitude New York: Oxford, University Press.

The benefit and importance of positive emotions:
Frederickson, B. (2009) Positivity New York: Crown Publishing

The more chemical side of the brain:
Hamilton, D. R. (2010) Why kindness is good for you, London: Hay House

Easy to read, 12 interventions to choose from:
Lyubomirsky, S. (2007) The HOW of Happiness, London: Piatkus

Implementing Positive Psychology in Schools:
Morris, I. (2009) Teaching Happiness and Well-Being in Schools, London: Continuum Intern. Publishing Group

Formulas for how to be more optimistic:
Seligman, M., Reivich, K., Jaycox, L. & Gillham, J. (1995) The optimistic child, New York: HarperPerennial

Personality Strengths and lasting happiness:
Seligman, M. (2003) Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realise Your Potential for Lasting Fulfilment , London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Spirituality and Mental Health:
Swinton, J. (2001) Spirituality and Mental Health Care, London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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