Positive Psychology

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Appreciation or Gratitude
accounts for 25% of our Happiness

Positive Psychology De-mystified:

The study of what makes us well and happy pinpoints the various qualities that a number of researchers have confirmed to be of benefit to raise our happiness and well-being considerably. This website is created as a reminder to the author and anyone else who tends to forget how much power we actually have within our reach to raise our own and other people's sense of meaningfulness and appreciation for life and all its surrounding beauty and challenges.

The author of this page finds particular enjoyment in taking photographs, making sense of life through writing and editing short Positive Psychology Skill films adding relaxing music. The following is a taste of one of those Reflections which she also uses as sum-ups for the presentations and talks that she gives.

The ideas offered on this website is a combination of personal reflection and a number of positive psychology writings which are listed in the bibliography page. If you have any questions or comments you're welcome to leave a message.

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Michaela new book Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology
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