Positive Psychology

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Observing and focusing on the good experiences and connections we make throughout our day can raise our happiness and well-being tremendously.

Being grateful is one of the many positive psychology skills which has scientifically proved to raise physical and mental health.

Research indicates that people who make it a habit to focus on the blessings in their lives rather than on the problems and difficulties have a much greater chance at avoiding depression and serious health issues. It does not exclude honesty about our problems/challenges. It means putting them into perspective. Our ratio of positivity needs to be 4:1 in order to open our minds to creative and optimistic solutions to our problems.

It may take an effort and a bit of reflection to become aware of the 'positives' in our day or week, but the feeling and genuine awareness of the goodness we are surrounded by 'feeds' the positive emotional centre in our brain called the left pre-frontal cortex. By nourishing this part of our brain we automatically feel so much better as the hormones of dopamine and oxytocin are stimulated, optimising our mental and physical health.

It is very exciting how much power we have to create a world of happiness and well-being within ourselves simply by choosing how to think. Why deny ourselves the gifts of optimism, kindness and compassion which are being offered us over and over?

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