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Michaela lives in a community that lives on and promotes a mainly vegan, living food diet ensuring that they get the optimum nutrition out of their food and avoid overly processed foods which may lodge chemicals and poison in the body. Many illnesses including heart-diseases, cancers and artheritis have been shown to disappear with the change of life-style and adoption of this particular diet. The Hippocrates Institute in Florida which is quite radical in its approach has been incredibly successful in helping people overcome their health crisis and adopting a much more wholesome diet.

The body needs enzymes to digest what we feed it. The more unnatural and chemically processed, the more over-sugared or over-fatty foods we consume the more enzymes we need to digest it. The body only has so many enzymes, that is why it is often around the age of 40-50 that people fall ill as they have used up most of their digestive enzymes but are still eating food that require a lot of enzymes to be processed. Hence the surplus indigestibles build up in the body as fat, acid, toxins or cancer growths. Cooked food though extremely tasty loses its natural enzymes once it is heated beyond 42 degrees C 105 Farrenheit. Living, raw food is food that is not heated beyond 42 degress and therefore full of digestive enzymes.

Research shows that the most nutrition and enzymes are found in seeds, grains and legumes which have been soaked in water overnight and then left in a glass jar to grow a little sprout. These 'greens' which are delicious in salads, soups, bisquits, cakes etc are not heated above 42 degrees, there is as much nutrition in a little sprouted seed, grain, pea or lentil as in a whole plant. One can only imagine the healing this can bring to a body that is starved for proper nutrition through processed, sugary and fatty foods over a number of years. Not all illnesses are related to physical nutrition, how we feed our mind is incredibly powerful concerning the stress hormone cortisol that we might develop in our bodies.

Wheatgrass is grass grown in a tray for the purpose of juicing it in a special juicer which also makes more wholesome juices. It sounds crazy but the nutrition of once ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2 pounds of green vegetables, something most of us would never eat. Wheatgrass juice is one of the miracle foods and healers that not only cleanses the body but builds up the immune system. It is cheap and easy to grow but it does take a commitment to health and well-being.

The Servants of Love (SOL) Community that Michaela lives in has a cafe and health nutrition store which sells a range of foods, books and health products that support this more wholesome diet. Raw cuisine can be extremely tasty and can be close to the looks and tastes of conventional foods but the after-effect is powerful! People mention the energy they can feel and how surprised they are at how tasty this food can be. Veronica the head raw chef has published a raw cookbook for a cold climate which contains a number of amazing recipes which are easy and tasty AND full of enzymes!

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